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The resort hotel “The Scene”is located on the southern
tip of the unexplored area of Amami island.
There are no artificial materials around the hotel,
all you can see from there are green nature and blue turquoise sea.
We will provide you a real private atmosphere
and relaxing time that we called “Amami time.

Amami Island, which is also known as the eastern
Galapagos Island is called
“The Kingdom of Heaven island” in Japan.

-Most attractive things in Amami Island-


365 days to change

The wonderful scene from the nature cannot be seen anywhere except here. Every scene, moment during your stay will awake your sense


Our concierges will try to delight
your stay in Amami as such as possible.

Let us know whatever you want. We can provide you anything,
e.g. places where you can see superb views, best time to see a starry sky and prepare surprise for your family or friends.


Luxury to relax without thinking anything

There are no buildings around, only a beautiful nature around the hotel. Don’t thinking, just enjoy the moment,
nobody will disturb you during your relaxed time.


Supervised by different specialists

Our maestros who worked in different
industries cooperated with us to provide
to our customers an invaluable atmosphere.

  • Supervised general design

    Kansai Yamamoto


    From 1974 to 1992 participated in Paris, New York, Tokyo collections.
    After that, outside of the work of a fashion designer, being in a role of a producer he organized shows in Moscow in 1993, in Vietnam in 1995, in India in 1997, at the Yamaguchi Kirara fair in 2001, at the "Abordage" in 2004 at the Nippon Budokan, at the Tokyo Dome’s Kansai Super Show “Taiyo no Fune (“the sun ship”)” in 2007, at the "FESTIVAL OF LIFE" in 2009 in Bali, Indonesia, at the "Hello! Miyakejima" event held for his 5th anniversary of returning to the Miyake Island in August 2010, at the Ariake Colosseum’s Kansai Super Show “The seven samurai", etc.
    From August to September of 2011, he organized an event to repose the souls of the victims of the East Japan Great Earthquake called the "Sky lantern” (Tento:) which was held in Bali, Indonesia, Kiev, Ukraine and in Soma city of Fukushima prefecture. From July to October, at the amusement park “Huis Ten Bosch” in Nagasaki he organized special water attractions and costume exhibitions as well as festivals such as the "Super Genki Stage YAY!" event and the "Japan Genki Celebration". In September 2012 he held a fashion event "HELLO CHINA!!" in Beijing to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. In March 2013 he held the "HELLO JAPAN!" event at the Roppongi Blue Theater. In November the same year, he held a fashion show in London, his debut location. The show in London has attracted a worldwide response and he continued developing his projects such as providing costumes for Lady Gaga and doing fashion projects such as the “POP UP SHOP” in Isetan.
    In October 2002, a friendship commemoration event was held in Istanbul, Turkey to celebrate the 90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Turkey. In June this year, the so-called “Japan Genki Project of 2015”, the "Super Energy !!" was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art.

    He did the interior and exterior design of the new model of the new Narita High Speed Rail Express the "Keisei Skyliner" (for which he received the 2010 Good Design Award and the 2011 Blue Ribbon Award).
  • Supervised architecture

    Hitoshi Ueda


    1963: Born in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
    1987: Graduated from the Tama University of Arts, Faculty of Arts, division of Architecture. Joined the design department at a major construction contractor company in the same year. Left for a small size private architectural firm.
    1998: Director of design at “Kisho Kurokawa’s Architectural City Design Office” Co., Ltd. President of an affiliated company “Kurokawa CAD center” Co., Ltd. Assumed office as the president of “Urban Research” Co., Ltd. Was engaging as a general manager of numerous design competitions and large-scale projects related to urban planning and construction in such locations as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, as well as inside Japan.
    2003: President at “Kisho Kurokawa’s Architectural City Design Office” Co., Ltd. / In 2005 retires from the position
    2006: Established “Construction and Design Office” (licensed as the First Class Architect Office) and becomes the president of the company.
    2007: Established branches in Los Angeles and Taiwan
    2008: With plans to express his own architectural concepts of "Memories of the past" and "Creation of the future" through music he begins a comprehensive album production.
    2011: Advisor for the NPO “Forum For Family Office”

    2013: Advisor for “NACRE Global Asset Protection AG” (Switzerland) Produced his second jazz album "Love Score".
  • Supervised Japanese cuisine


    Head chef of “HEGISOBA SHISHIKURA” in Nishishinjyuku

    He jumped into the world of the dish with graduation from high school.He worked at 20 years old in "Ginza Mikasa Hall".After 5-year ascetic practices,He acted as Shinjuku counter cooking chef de cuisine at the age of 25 years old slightly.It is independent through several chefs de cuisine afterwards.He who built original Japanese food opened "Hegisoba Shishikura" in Nishishinjuku.
  • Supervised Italian cuisine

    Takamasa Uetake

    Head chef of “CANOVIANO” in Daikanyama

    After graduating from high school, he studied Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine at the Tokyo Vocational School for Cookery and was active as a founding member of "Basta Pasta". After that, he headed over to Italy and studied about the taste and implementation of olive oil and Italian vegetables during a three-year training. After returning to Japan, he opened "Canoviano" in Daikanyama, Tokyo in November of 1999, after having served as a chef at “Pigo Rosso”. He is well connected and is in constant contact with farmers and producers all over Japan, and serves delicious dishes featuring purest vegetable flavors on a daily basis.

Amami Oshima

Amami Island, also known as Kingdom of Heaven is located between Kagoshima and Okinawa.
takes 2 hours from Tokyo by plane.

You can see also in this fabulous subtropical place,
rare species such as Amami rabbit

Comfortable climate
through the year

through the year through the year

Why Amami?

  • 01.Mysterious circle
    Mysterious circle

    You cannot see the mysterious circle in other places. This is written on the bottom of the ocean and the size of the circle is about 2 meters.

  • 02.Blue caves
    Blue caves

    You can find in Amami more than 10 blue caves location. We recommend you strongly to go diving there.

  • 03.Transparent sea
    Transparent sea

    In this island, transparent sea can be seen everywhere. If you walk closer to the sea, you can probably notice that the color of the sea become blue to emerald like a kaleidoscope.

  • 04.Easily find Green sea turtles
    Easily find Green sea turtles

    As many Green sea turtles live in shallows, divers can find them easily. There are many other species such as sea slugs and prawns.

  • 05.Picturesque blue corals
    Picturesque blue corals

    Amami Island known as coral reef island. You can find various colors of corals. The blue corals reflected by sunshine looks so picturesque.

  • 06.The local cuisine “Keihan”
    The local cuisine “Keihan”

    Is Amami’s traditional chicken rice,looks like Japanese popular food “Ochazuke”. You can enjoy some different tastes in a bowl.

  • 07.Traditional fabrics “Oshima tsumugi”
    Traditional fabrics “Oshima tsumugi”

    “Oshima tsumugi” is traditional silk fabrics. The Kimonos and cloths are made with silk threads colored with mud. The subtle design is the one of the reason of its popularity.

  • 08.Protected species “Amami rabbit”
    Protected species “Amami rabbit”

    The black rabbit can be seen only here in the world. They have never changed from 1.6 million years ago, The species is known as the one of the oldest rabbit.


Amami Oshima Hotel (Resort Hotel) Onsen

THE SCENE - AMAMI Spa & Resort -

Address : 970, Sokaru, Setochi-cho Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, 894-1523, Japan
Business hours : Always open.
Phone number : +0800-600-9696

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THE SCENE - AMAMI Spa & Resort -

Address : 970, Sokaru, Setochi-cho Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, 894-1523, Japan
Business hours : Always open.

TEL : +0800-600-9696 Request for information materials